Preparing for Cold Weather HVAC Maintenance with Gorman Mechanical

Although it is still fall in Dallas-Fort Worth, we are already feeling the colder temps. The thermometer has plummeted near freezing several times, telling us that our heaters are now an essential part of life in North Texas.

Is your HVAC system ready for the change? Last month, we prepared you with a pre-fall checklist to retire your AC. Now it’s time to make the full switch, if you have not already done so.

Preventative Maintenance Is Key

You have heard us say it so many times: preventative maintenance keeps your system running efficiently in every season. We recommend you get an HVAC technician out twice a year to perform preventative maintenance and service any required repairs or updates. We even have bi-annual plans that guarantee comprehensive tune-ups.

Preventative maintenance is valuable beyond priming you for the seasonal shifts. It also enhances HVAC performance, extends the life of your equipment, and helps you avoid costly potential repairs. By staying on top of maintenance, you won’t risk finding yourself with zero heat when it is below freezing outside, huddled under ten blankets while waiting for a technician to appear.

Newer systems tend to require minimal maintenance, but we absolutely recommend your fall evaluation take place right about now to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable winter.

DIY Checkup

You can get started on checking your system out for yourself, although we always recommend having an HVAC expert out to give the final go-ahea.

Three easy DIY steps include:

Do a Quick Scan — To see for yourself if your heating system is ready for the winter, first turn off all power to the unit and wait for the blower to stop. After your unit runs for a little while, listen for any banging or rattling that may alert you to issues. You also should look for signs of moisture on windows or rust or dirt on the vent pipe, which can indicate improper or inefficient operation.

Replace Your Filters – We recommend replacing air filters at least once every three months, and more frequently if you have pets. Dirty filters immediately lower your system’s efficiency, so make sure you replace your filter before the cold temperatures settle in for good.

Assess Room Temperatures – Once you have tested the basic operation of your system and replaced the filter, double-check the thermostat while the unit is on to make sure your rooms are being heated equally. You may use a laser temperature gauge for accuracy.

Call Gorman Before the Problem Grows

If you find anything amiss during your basic checklist, give us a call at (817) 238-1616. We will offer a comprehensive diagnostic to spot the problem and provide you with a clear solution. Our evaluations include ensuring that all parts are properly cleaned, drained, lubricated, and calibrated. We also make sure that all assembly, burner controls, and the heat exchanger are operating at maximum efficiency.

Take care of these checks and call for help now to avoid major issues in the future. For more information on what we offer for cold weather HVAC maintenance and installations, head to our website.

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Gorman Mechanical is interested in complete customer satisfaction and delivers on promises made. I have been completely satisfied with their integrity, honesty, customer loyalty, thoroughness and continued to follow up. I feel fortunate to have located their outstanding company among the many in the industry.

- Mark

Gorman Mechanical installed a brand new cooling and heating system in my home. The replacement unit was larger and more energy-efficient. Our house has never been cooler and our energy bill even went down…. I highly recommend them and their services.

- Thomas

I had an issue with my A/C unit not cooling properly. The technician, Stacy, arrived during the time frame I was given, and I received a phone call about 30 minutes prior to his arrival, letting me know he was on his way. He was very professional and conscientious in figuring out and explaining the issue to me. He work was complete in a little over an hour and my house is cool once again! I will definitely refer Gorman Mechanical to others.

- S.M.

A Gorman technician came over to set us up with a new A/C unit and he did a phenomenal job. He was very up front with any cost and got our install scheduled in one day. He did a great job at getting me the unit needed without running the price through the roof.

- Allen

I met with Gorman Mechanical’s Sales Manager. When he came out I had a bad taste in my mouth due to some misrepresentations made by another company that happened to be A rated on Angie’s List. Because of this I’m certain I was on the defensive and asked a million questions. He was very patient and took plenty of time answering all my questions. He was very knowledgeable and helped educate me on my options and the advantages/shortfalls of each. When I came to the actual bid, I felt it was very competitive compared to other bids I’d received. I felt so well informed and confident at that point I cancelled two other appointments I’d made for that day and signed up with Gorman Mechanical. He was able to promptly arrange a great deal on financing the bulk of the cost, leaving me to pay out of pocket for a couple last minute additions (extended warranty/Reme Halo). They did not want this until installation was complete. A couple days later they installed my new system and I’ve been very happy with it. Shortly after installation I had several other questions about maintenance and a small amount that was overcharged upon installation. He was very responsive answering my questions and arranging for a prompt refund check to be sent. Fortunately, it isn’t often that I need to spend so much money on an important purchase like this, but I felt very confident with my decision and going through the process with him and Gorman Mechanical made it painless. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gorman Mechanical to friends and family.

- Rick

The repairman, Tim H., was prompt and courteous. I explained that he was a second opinion for our 21-year-old AC. The first company said that I would need 2 parts totaling $600 plus a coil that they would have to send a salesman out to quote me a price. Also first company was suggesting that I really needed whole new system. After inspection, Tim showed me how a part was wired the wrong way and he replaced a compactor and repaired a burnt wire. 2 lbs Freon were added. Total cost was retail: $217.75. I had a warranty so I paid less but what a difference in $600.00+ and $217.75! AC is working fine now. And we didn’t have to buy a new system. Thanks, Gorman Mechanical and Tim H.! The world needs more honest repairmen like you!

- Jeannie
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